Car Free Holyrood Park is a group of local residents interested in a safer, greener Holyrood Park that is free from through motor traffic.

The Vision

Car Free Holyrood Park is a group of local residents campaigning to open Holyrood Park’s private road network for people walking, wheeling, and cycling by ending access for through-motor-traffic. This will:

  • End speeding and traffic in the park.
  • Make the park safer for children and families.
  • Eliminate air and noise pollution in the park.
  • Provide safe and pleasant space for walking, wheeling and cycling for all ages and abilities.
  • Prioritise people over motor traffic in Edinburgh’s most iconic greenspace.

Now is the time to open Holyrood Park’s road network to people walking, wheeling and cycling and end access for motor vehicles:

  • Public transport and commercial traffic is already not permitted use of the Park roads and is diverted. Only private vehicles are able to use the roads, but 40% of Edinburgh households don’t have access to a car.
  • The roads are closed to motor vehicles two day per week, holidays and events, demonstrating viable alternative routes for private motor traffic.
  • There is already widespread support. 75% of contributions about Holyrood Park in the Spaces for People consultation agreed with closing the road to vehicles.
  • In a climate emergency, it is untenable to continue to operate a shortcut into the city centre which increases private car use, a concept called ‘induced demand’. Instead, we should be encouraging active travel by improving the safety and experience for those walking, wheeling and cycling.
  • Covid-19 has shown that access to greenspace is not simply for leisure on the weekends or a ‘nice-to-have’, but essential to our mental and physical wellbeing. Keeping these spaces car-free is part of preserving green space for carefree play, exercise, and connecting with nature.
  • Infrastructure for road closures is readily available. There are a series of gates at either end of Queens Drive, Duddingston Low Road, and (already in full operation) the High Road. These can easily be used and would be cost effective.  

Blog Posts

HES’s hidden carbon emissions

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) are responsible for a substantial environmental impact caused by through-traffic in one of their most visible and visited historic sites. If the carbon emissions from Holyrood Park’s road network were included in their current reporting, HES would have missed their emissions target every year they have reported. The Conference of theContinue reading “HES’s hidden carbon emissions”

LEZ Consultation: more polluting traffic for Holyrood Park

City of Edinburgh Council is currently consulting on the LEZ and it’s proposed boundary: While we are in support of the LEZ, Car Free Holyrood Park is concerned that the boundary as proposed will increase traffic in the park, which will negatively impact this historic site, SSSI and park users’ experience. Summary We stronglyContinue reading “LEZ Consultation: more polluting traffic for Holyrood Park”

Inclusive and Equitable Access in Holyrood Park, Part 2

Update April 2022: We are looking for volunteers to support a new Cycling Without Age Scotland chapter in Holyrood Park. We especially need volunteer pilots who will cycle e-trishaws that give elderly and people with limited mobility free rides to experience one of the city’s greatest green spaces. All training provided. Please email AsContinue reading “Inclusive and Equitable Access in Holyrood Park, Part 2”

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